NovL Enterprises is dedicated to providing superior-quality and innovative products to all sectors of the South African food and beverage industry.  We offer a portfolio of specialised products to meet the requirements of customers countrywide across South Africa and across all market segments:


  • Small domestic appliances for the retail consumer
  • Equipment designed specifically for clients in the restaurant, catering  and hospitality sectors
  • Large industrial equipment which provides value-adding and productivity-enhancing solutions for companies operating in the food processing industry.


At present our company is primarily focused on introducing the Pelamatic brand into the South African market.

Pelamatic is a Spanish company specialising in the design and production of automatic fruit and vegetable peeling equipment, ranging from small domestic appliances to heavy-duty industrial equipment. All Pelamatic products are produced at the company’s facility in Spain and are designed and manufactured to compete at the very top end of the market, both in Europe and internationally.


The team at NovL Enterprises is proud to announce that it has recently partnered with Pelamatic, as the appointed sole distributor of Pelamatic products in South Africa, and is excited to be launching the Pelamatic brand in South Africa for the very first time.


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Pelamatic South Africa