fruit and vegetable Peeler

The Pelamatic Fruit and Vegetable Peeler offers a far quicker, more hygienic and safer alternative for peeling of fruit and vegetables than manual peeling with a knife. This easy-to-use and practical automatic peeling machine by Pelamatic allows quick and easy peeling of any fruit or vegetable, such as apples, oranges, pears, plums, lemons, peaches, kiwis, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, mangoes etc. The unique and innovative functionality of this machine makes it a "must-have" for every household kitchen. This product, which won an award at the world-renowned International Exhibition of Geneva in Switzerland, is also ideal as a corporate gift, kitchen-tea or wedding gift. Technical information. additional features & pricing

Robito Almendra - Nut CRACKER

Robito Almendra by Pelamatic is a domestic household appliance designed specifically to crack the shells of Almonds, Walnuts, Pecan nuts  and Hazelnuts. This compact, but highly effective, appliance allows you to break open the shells of Almonds, Walnuts, Pecan nuts and Hazelnuts effortlessly and easily. Note: This machine is not designed for commercial or industrial use and is not suitable for macadamia nuts. Technical information, additional features & pricing

Robitoliva - Olive Splitter

Robitoliva by Pelamatic is a small appliance designed and created specifically for the splitting of all varieties of olives. Robitoliva is a versatile appliance which can easily process olives of various sizes and stages of ripeness. Technical information, additional features & pricing

Robito Vaina- Bean and Pea Sheller

Robito Vaina by Pelamatic allows the rapid shelling of legume vegetables such as beans or peas. This highly practical machine enables rapid processing of large volumes of   vegetables which can then be frozen and stored for future use. Technical information, additional features & pricing

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