The Pelamatic Hosteleria is a robust, high-quality automatic peeling machine designed specifically for the restaurant, corporate catering and hospitality sectors. Manufactured in stainless-steel, and completely rust-proof, this machine is ideally suited for providing value-adding and time-saving solutions for businesses which are required to process large volumes of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Technical information, additional features & pricing


The Pelamatic Industrial Peeler is the big brother of the Pelamatic range of automatic peelers. Created specifically for the industrial food processing sector, this machine offers a fully integrated fruit peeling and citrus zesting functionality which is designed to optimise the production process and to yield increased productivity. A powerful and higly versatile machine equipped with variable-speed and variable thickness cutting options, which can be configured to meet the specific requirements of your production process.  Technical information, additional features & pricing


The Pelamatic industrial Pineapple Peeler offers quick and effective peeling, seamlessly and quickly producing a fully processed product which is perfectly sliced, diced and ready to pack. The machine features a special backing for easy peeling of the pineapple's skin, making this machines essential for high-volume pineapple processing. Technical information, additional features & pricing


The Pelamatic Cucurbit Peeler is designed to facilitate the peeling of fruit and vegetables of the Cucurbita genus including melons, watermelons, butternuts, squashes (Note: not suitable for pumpkins). The main feature of the machine is its strength and power, essential for the peeling of hard skinned fruit and vegetables.  This machine makes the peeling process quick and efficient, resulting in higher production output levels. Technical information, additional features & pricing


The Pelamatic Pomegranate Peeler provides quick and effective peeling of pomegranates. Designed to ensure the production of a  perfectly processed product which is ready for packaging . The machine has some special features to facilitate stripping of all sizes of fruit,  making this machine essential for any pomegranate processing facility. Technical information, additional features & pricing

Pineapple Peeler and Corer

The Pelamatic Pineapple Peeler and Corer is a semi-industrial peeling machine which facilitates the peeling of pineapples, resulting in fast and efficient peeling of the fruit. The machine features adjustable cutting sizes, in order to accommodate pinapples of different sizes. Pelamatic produces two models of this machine i.e. a Pneumatic model (fully-automatic which requires connection to an air compressor) and a Manual model (no air compression)  Technical information, additional features & pricing

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